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Based on never-before-seen archival footage, interviews, stunningly vibrant visuals, and original animation the documentary film Mrs G. follows the highs and lows of Lea Gottlieb’s life. A Holocaust survivor who built the luxury fashion house Gottex from the ground up, Gottlieb had an uncompromising creative vision that positioned her at the zenith of the fashion world. She revolutionized the global fashion industry by transforming bathing suits from an overlooked category into a coveted luxury item. Gottlieb conceived and helmed the first design house to center its entire business model around high-end bathing suits and beachwear. Its success propelled other leading designers to approach bathing suits with the same attention and detail as any other design category. Yet, Gottlieb’s international fame and great success came with an even greater personal price, a fraught relationship with her two daughters who worked alongside her in the family business and were integral to its ascent.



Since its debut in 2019 at DocAViv film festival in Israel, Mrs. G. has been shown in over thirty film festivals all over the world including at New York’s Jewish Film Festival in Lincoln Center, as well as in Boston, Toronto, Paris, Moscow, Australia, and Turkey where it won the Audience Award. Most recently, Mrs. G won First Prize at the inaugural Fashion Film Festival at the Phoenix Art Museum.

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