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Cutting Edges: Israeli fashion and Design.

In this boundless world of online retail and fast-fashion, is a localized identity still relevant? Is it still significant to the creative process? What place does it have, if any, in current global fashion? This exhibition aims to confront these questions by examining the relationship between locality and materiality. It is the first exhibition in the US to focus solely on Israeli fashion design, featuring more than sixty objects including garments, avant-garde jewelry, fashion accessories, and textile art from thirty contemporary designers working in Israel and abroad. The majority of objects were commissioned specifically for the exhibition and reflect the unique DNA of each designer.The thematic groupings of the objects illustrate that Israeli designers, consciously or not, draw from a shared pool of inspiration regardless of the medium in which they work.


The Daily Beast – This Is Why Israeli Fashion Is So Political

כלכליסט – קרן בן חורין משלבת בין נונשלנטיות ועבודת יד מהודקת

אופנה משלנו – ידיעות אמריקה

Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, NY (2017) - Curator

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