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What’s Under Your Pareo? Unravelling the Work of Lea Gottlieb.

The exhibition, based on my original MA thesis, invites visitors to go on a journey through the fantastical world of fashion designer Lea Gottlieb (1918-2012). Her artistic approach and unique creative process revolutionized swimwear design and placed her company, Gottex, at the pinnacle of the international luxury market. The exhibition features extant garments and bathing suits, textiles, original sketches, and archival prints which showcase the dazzlingly rich visual vocabulary that became her hallmark in a career spanning over half a century.

Exhibition Web Page


The New York Times – The Swimsuit Empress

Tablet Magazine – The High Fashion Of Gottex Swimwear

The Jewish Week – In The Swim, Gottex Style

Forward – What’s Under Your Fashion Exhibit?

My Blue Print – What’s Under Your Pareo? Unraveling the Work of Lea Gottlieb

Laurie M. Tisch Gallery, NY (2014) - Curator

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