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The Lady with the Daisies: A Tribute to Lea Gottlieb.

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to the work of Lea Gottlieb, co-founder of Gottex, an international leader in swimwear design based in Israel. The extensive research I have conducted for my MA thesis paper “What’s Under Your Pareo: Unravelling the History of Gottex Beachwear,” provided the curator Ayala Raz and myself the basis on which this exhibition was organized. The exhibition includes stunning examples from Gottex’s hay-day during the 1990s and showcases Lea Gottlieb’s unique design methods.

Exhibition Web Page


Haaretz – The Israeli fashion designer who made bathing suits more than just bathing suits


Pins & Needles – Lady of the Daisies

White City Boy – Life A Beach

Design Museum Holon (2013)
Guest Assistant Curator

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